24. 05. 2017 | 09:47

Idle but not forgotten

With so many projects coming trough our hands, we don’t expect that all of them get to see the world. Some businesses die faster than you expect them to, but also some clients just have a different vision for their company from ours.

Nevertheless, we stand behind what we do forever and we don’t like letting those loved projects fade into oblivion. Today we bring you two identity projects that we mention pretty often in our studio. They are a nice reminder of Baggy’s first year on the market, but also they are an inspiration for some upcoming projects.

First one is the identity for Husmannsboden, a small Norwegian cuisine food truck. It was imagined as a small family business, so the logo we made is warm and catchy and it easily communicates with wide audiences. Besides the logo, we designed the whole stationary package with letters, letterheads, and business cards, that all together give a very lively and playful impression about the brand that is always on the move. If guys from Husmannsboden ever decide to bring the truck back to the streets, we’ll for sure let you know about it so you could find them and try out their famous soup Lapskaus.

Second one is the identity for a fitness centre Ask 4. As workout is something really dynamical and fast, we tried to be creative and played with words a bit, to try to keep up with client’s ideas.

Therefore the logo itself has many possible variations, with different endings, that fit different occasions. It is at the same time elegant but also strong with it’s tendency to move and make progress. Isn’t that something we all want to achieve in a gym? We surely encourage you to Ask 4 Health and Ask for Fitness.

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