10. 02. 2017 | 12:42

Hang out with Baggy

January is a special month for business, with it’s post holidays’ scent in the air, it may seem slow for many. But in our house, we see things differently. Last couple of weeks, we spent some quality creative time working on a couple of small, but very loved projects.

For a live concept named “Rush” we created identity that is ready to follow them trough dark corridors of Norwegian techno scene. It’s style and irreplaceable red/black colour scheme will make you want to rush onto the dance floor to one of the great parties these guys are making.

So, January was all about music for Baggy, and while in the mood, we made a couple of event posters for a Trysil’s biggest club Loftet. Friday Hangouts will be a weekly thing for Trysil residents and visitors and we’re really looking forward to further developing the visual identity for these events. It’s was like fresh breeze for our designer that really had fun working on this print material.

If you spot one of the posters in Trysil, shout out!

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