The rum master

Playing by the rules

The rum masters is a competition that encourages bars in Oslo to sell as many rum bottles as they can manage, in a set period of time. The event is sponsored by the famous rum brand Havana Club, who conducts the general outline and rules of the competition.

This project was a big challenge for our designers, as they needed to work in a restricted frame, but still bring creative and innovative solutions to the table.

Baggy Media has designed and developed the app that portrays the competitors progress and detailed results, which can be viewed any time.

As all the other Havana Club design material, we wanted to preserve the colourful and lively presentation, but also deliver an app that is easy to use and where the information is accessible.

Our developers enjoyed the process and came up with an app that shows detailed information in an orderly fashion, with calculations of the different sellers in different cities, by various criteria’s.

Say hello to palms, golden coins and roses and grab a bottle.

Let the games begin!

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