A novelty in the world of dental care.

Tannkontoret is a bit of a novelty in a traditional world of Norway’s old fashion dental offices. It’s a modern, fast growing company with a truly attentive ear for their clients needs. No need to stress out that we understood each other instantly!

Baggy went for a very playful yet highly professional visual identity. That means everything from a tempting and suggestive logo to a highly operable website that gravitates around the idea of constant interaction with clients. It includes easy accessible communication platform with options for online booking, as well as features that enable easy and efficient content update.

Baggy was happy to organize all the material on the website from scratch, with two special bonus twists. Our CEO and creative director, Thomas, being very passionate photographer, did the photo-shoot of the employees, plus, for the New Year’s holidays we did a print add for newspapers in order to generate the buzz. You see, Tannkontoret doesn’t stop at superb dental care.

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