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Content driven info flow.

The organization began its work in early 1986 after several years of preliminary work on topics related to incest and sexual abuse. These social issues are surrounded by silence and taboos. SMI addresses both women and men, young adults and youth, as well as professionals, guardians, relatives, and partners. Furthermore, it facilitates a community based on mutual support, solidarity and friendship between users.

Creating a website for SMI meant carefully planning and executing complex and detailed content-driven platforms with many extensions, such as SOS lines and direct chat connected with Facebook, integrated Blog, an online magazine and wide knowledge base. Our main challenge was to organize all interactive content and functions and make it function perfectly at any moment, while the day-to-day changes and improvements are being made.

So, we put the communication focus on the Info-Flow, and our main UX philosophy for targeting the widest possible audience was “Right time for the right info.”

SMI gained a platform with several levels of depth, but the most important item is surely the SOS line and contact, located on the front page. Additionally, in accordance with a new set of Norwegian legislation and Universal Design Access principles, we further developed the platform.  To reach full accessibility, Baggy created different visual contrast patterns, voice commands, and multilingual options, in addition to launching a monthly newsletter. Direct communication is always the best way to break the silence!


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