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Discreet change to innovate communication.

Scan-Pack Norge is one of the oldest companies in Norway specialized in packaging machines, systems, service and supplies. Throughout more than 20 years of continuous presence in the industry, Scan-Pack preserved a family business structure which has employed several generations of workers.

For Scan-Pack, direct communication is the essence of the company’s business philosophy, where printed material is both giving information and advertising products. So, when it comes to visual identity, we redesigned it to perfectly cover all the potential target groups. The best design is a direct way to a successful sale. But, targeting the wide audience in such a niche business was a real challenge for Baggy. The key to our success was close collaboration with the client. Since direct communication is crucial for the client, identity redesign focused on the specially-tailored print set. We decided to show our client’s mastery through business cards, stationary, and brochures. With a carefully chosen narrow range of print material and discreet innovations in visual identity, we’ve met the client’s needs and still kept the widely recognizable industry’s leader style.

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