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Solutions for fast, secure and available network - everywhere!

Roh computer is a company with substantial experience and broad range of services. They can help you with basically anything that has to do with your computer and network, plus they are experts for IT solutions for medical clients.

Since they have been on the Norwegian market for a long time already, it was a challenge for Baggy to redesign their identity so it’s still recognisable and easily connected with the old campaign. We added a new element to it, by layering the “O” letter to resemble the connection, wireless networks and many other aspects of ROH’s offer. Logo and print material that we made for ROH computer is clean and elegant, and even though we made it two years ago, it still has the same freshness and uniqueness as back then. Website works like a charm, fully responsive on all devices.

Guys from ROH also came up with the idea to design a car profile that fits their identity, and Baggy was thrilled to accept this challenge since not many clients even consider doing it nowadays, although we think it’s a great way to strengthen the brand. One of ROH’s mottos is “All you need, on all your devices, always updated”. Baggy couldn’t agree more, good job ROH!

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