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Brisk web-shop for a pharmaceutical giant.

Roche is one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world, and working for them was a big honour. Being founded in 1896, Roche has a long history of helping millions of patients globally. They are the world’s biggest biotech company, and since the day one they are at the forefront of both cancer research and treatment.

Baggy’s contribution to this big story came in a form of a design for a webshop specially tailored for Norwegian market, for the placement of products related to diabetes. While leaning on style guide from Roche, we managed to come up with a website that gives a fresh and innovative impression.

Content was organised in a way which provides all necessary information in a glimpse of a second, so that the shopping experience can flow smoothly. So, not only that you can buy what you need, but you can also get all the accompanying information, for example, about the courses held on desired topics, including even the reservation of seats. What a nice function, right?

Furthermore, our developers did a particularly magnificent job, in a sense that design was implemented precisely as it was imagined, and the shopping module has no hiccups. You can therefore relax and enjoy the shopping process in fullest – from browsing trough product pages and adding of desired products in the cart to the all checkout steps.

Last but not the least, Roche’s web shop is made to be fully responsible so that you can always access it on the go, from any of the devices used. Baggy believes that being well informed is very important, therefore wait not a second more and head to Roche page to learn about diabetes and the products they offer.

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