A very personal place on the wall.

Plakart designs and manufactures unique and delicate posters that no eye can resist. It started as brand new concept in Norway, so when they approached Baggy with a request for a complete visual identity, we lifted the anchor and set the sails towards an adventure. Our mission was to match their passion for stylish and playful interior design that shines from their now very popular product.

So, the logo functions as a simple but timeless picture frame and the website catches the glimpse of the clean cuts principle that Plakart’s esthetics rests upon. Since the demand, praise and feedback are coming from all over the world, their gaze exceeds the Norway’s shores and the website is offered in English language, too.

Finally, Baggy’s touch didn’t end here! With our friends from Plakart, we came up with a creative interaction that takes place on their website: every month there is a competition for artists and designers, where the chosen solutions find their way via Plakart’s laboratory straight to the web shop. Hooray!


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