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Developing the personal web presentation.

Petter Foshaug is a Norwegian artist of the new generation, who works worldwide as a freelance filmmaker, photographer and designer. His portfolio is truly impressive and his field of work covers all aspects of professional photography, including extreme filming and complex projects for international clients. Petter Foshaug’s list of clients includes well-known brands such as Nike, RedBull, Disney, but also collaborations with exceptional new talents in extreme sports.

In his artistic practice, Petter focuses on sports and outdoor activities. We decided to approach the process of creating his visual identity through extensive knowledge and a deep understanding of his core values. The main task was to visually unite and adequately present his diverse projects that include video production, DP roles within different industries, as well as his product design line.

Brand identity projects are our all-time favorites, so we really enjoyed gathering the entire Baggy team for this inquiry. Art direction is the core of this project. Given that strong visual expression was the common denominator of all Petter’s projects, we opted for sharp and discrete aesthetics focusing on “V is for Visuals.” All the extensions of the identity – logo, website and print design perfectly fit into the story we created. After this successful initial collaboration, many other mutual projects followed, so we proved that this party never ends.

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