Dynamic solution for enormous workflow

Newsec is the largest commercial real estate company in Norway. As it has grown a broad base of clients, there is an emerging need for direct communication.

For Newsec, the leader in the real estate industry, precise and detailed brochures are essential for business. Since the workflow of the company is enormously dynamic, Baggy’s task was to find a solution that would maintain the visual identity across all means of communication. Therefore, in order to step forward from generic powerpoint presentations and to speed up the design process, we designed a unique template for Newsec projects.

Baggy delivered a custom presentation design in both print and digital form. Thus, we created a design template for Newsec professionals who work on complex full-service property house outlines. Furthermore, Baggy designed a communications strategy powerful enough to cover the organizational hierarchy and all internal and external segments of Newsec business. Following the core values of the company, new visual language managed to facilitate Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Clients (B2C) communication. Last but not least, we continued our service by carefully monitoring all the relevant changes that accompany the development of such a successful, busy and fast-growing client.

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