Multifunctional website for Mylla.

Mylla Løypeforening is a volunteer-driven, non-profit trail association focused on preservation and promotion of outdoor activities like hiking and skiing in the Norway’s eponymous region.

Baggy worked with Mylla Løypeforening to design an intuitive but powerful website that includes many interesting separate levels. First of all, we imported all the previous data from their blog and generated a functional, up to date, newsletter. Furthermore, they needed a solution for all the payments on their website, so Baggy created a platform through which all the money transactions can go, for example, donations for building ski tracks and related infrastructure. A special little twist came with a challenge to implement an option for automatic renewal of membership every year but Baggy handled it like a pro. It was fun and creative experience and we learn a lot about Mylla Løypeforening region too!


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