Setting the bar high with MCD.

MCD is Norway’s leading trendsetter when it comes to design and development of critical systems and all necessary equipment for extremely versatile palette of clients and organizations: from our finest and true everyday heroes like first responders, firefighters, law enforcement and military to passionate connoisseurs of the outdoor sports. 

Baggy was asked to support them on their path of expertize by creating visual identity that reflects what MCD’s business philosophy is truly about: outside the box mindset, stellar quality, cutting edge technology and rigorous product testing.

Our little adventure started off with the implementation of set project management system that enabled us to fully grasp the complexity of client’s needs. Furthermore, we enjoyed bending our creativity around initial proposals for logo and articulating their need for powerful and highly professional website with a special focus on the web shop produced in minimalistic “less is more” manner.

The cherry on top was that we even treat ourselves with work on their stationary design. Our art director was particularly pleased that in the age of galloping digitalization there are still those that cannot resist simple, little temptations of classic, “back in the days”, design.

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