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First Dynamic Ad.

Mazda needs no introduction. But, working for great and impressive clients is never easy. Never mind the scope of work, working for Mazda meant that we had to engage all our capacities to justify the trust placed in Baggy. Excellence was the minimal requirement for us in this project.

Our task was to design and to develop a unique service for launching new cars in Norway, and furthermore – to create a campaign for it. We chose a website that can be accessed directly through the ad of one of the biggest newspapers in Norway. When a user enters the site, the system automatically detects the user’s location and address. After that you can ask the new car to pick you up kind of like Über but instead you are the driver. This easy-to-use mini site is actually the first dynamic ad that displays the exact location of the new vehicle. It generates the genuine feeling of how simple it is to try out the new car. In this project, geo-location services perfectly clicked into our professional challenge – creating a true and useful advertising campaign. Baggy made the testing of the new car even more exciting.

For the Mazda promoters, as a special treat, we created a dynamic system where they could use their smartphones to log in and select the car model to see its accurate position, using only GPS.

We frequently state that the simplest solutions are often the most clever ones, and the Mazda Dynamic Ad with its success all around Norway proves it.

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