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Identity for the rising star from Sony Music.

Yes, you’ve read it right, for Sony Music! We just have to share the excitement! Working for Sony, on the identity project for one of their next music stars was so much fun, but also a huge responsibility.

Maybon is a Norwegian nature boy, as well as an electronic music producer, that has just recently signed a contract with Sony music. He is young and his career is very bright, so our role was to create the identity that he could stand behind confidently. A base for his bright future.

When developing the logo, we inquired about his background, values, youth, goals and his creativity and passion about music. The result is a minimalistic logo, full of hidden symbolic meanings, that is communicating well with the young generations, teasing them to dive into Maybon’s world.

Baggy also did a big part in creating this world. With photo shoot art direction we formed a solid background for Maybon’s intriguing style.

We’re excited to see what will Maybon release next, and we’re looking forward to new adventures with Sony Music.

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