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Perfectly Functioning ITS System.

For Norway’s leader in the electro-distribution, we developed a custom Issue Tracking System. These systems are also known as ITS, trouble ticket system, support ticket, request management or incident ticket system. The importance of ITS is now pivotal and irreplaceable in all kinds of customer support services. Infosak- a great system of electricity supply needed a massive and complex network to create, update, and resolve customer reported issues. Furthermore, the new system would allow and track all service reports and internal communication between included parties.

The InfoSak ticket system is a cloud system. It unites all the companies involved in the servicing of the electricity distribution network and enables their internal communication on the workload.

Along with the front-end development and visual identity design, we created an advanced UI/UX system. A new system was made to enable the classification of queries, to simplify the complex structure and make it user-friendly. Our creative solution included a system of multiple queries from users of all over the country. Every unit contains users’ details and the problem summary, as well as a unique code for all locations. The database includes all service parties, attached and classified upon requests. This way, it is easy to determine which staff should deal with the query and assign the priority of the request. Also, we developed a UI/UX tree system with the possibility of uniting similar or neighboring requests into the larger units and groups, under the hierarchy of the electro network itself.

Baggy improved all the aspects and functions and merged it into a multi-functional internal communication network. The network incorporates filtered search and tag system with the possibilities of saving data, archiving tasks or connecting and grouping requests. The Whole system is fully customizable so that the primary users could adapt the engine to their frequent needs and work practice. We designed all the communication elements and all the interfaces are equipped with multiple view options and an expandable menu that is intuitive and handy.

A well-structured and simplified engine of the custom Issue Tracking System enables flawless communication and service within the client network. It significantly lowers the costs of training and provides for quick implementation. In the InfoSak project, we perfectly balanced all the UX functionalities with the intuitive front-end design so that this unique solution soon finds other applications at service companies operated by InfoSak.

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