“Jump in the puddle” with Hoppipolla Headwear on your head.

Hoppipolla Headwear was a professional, heavy-duty headwear brand designed to keep you safe and warm whenever hitting the curves and slopes, no matter if you are snowboarding, skiing, or just cruising down the street. The company was family owned and run by two brothers, who invested a lot of time and passion into the production of very diverse palette of the hats and beanies. The relaxed styling and fit was designed top notch, and it meant to stay with you from season to season. Today, Hoppipolla doesn’t produce commercial products anymore since it has gone deeper into production, but it’s hats and accessories are still loved and worn all over the globe.

Baggy did it’s best to adapt to already developed Hoppipolla style, so we created a web shop where you could easily find whatever you would be looking for – hats, caps, face masks or any other wanted item. Since we knew that Hoppipolla audience is always on the move, the website was made so that it’s works like a charm on all devices and sizes, which means that you were able to put your hands on your piece of Hoppipolla’s accessory as fast as an eagle flies though the air!

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