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Gullmester is Gold Master in Norwegian, and it naturally suggests that the company is the fine store and jewellery workshop. Gullmester is the independent niche family business, with the long tradition of gold craftsmanship with high standards and great customer care in focus.

For them Baggy made the website and web shop with significant info base on all the industry matters. It was a real challenge to credibly and authentically present this traditional craft studio in digital world, and to transfer the complex and emotional process of purchasing jewellery into digital world, which is often considered very cold and professional.

Thus, Baggy accompanied the web shop engine with the numerous extensions to make whole experience more human.  We created the solution that provides all the necessary information on the precious metals and gemstones, as well as jewellery making process, to the personalisation and final purchase. We are very happy that our project could follow the customer’s needs and lead all types of users throughout the sometimes complicated decision making process.


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