Italian cuisine with a twist!

We were recently approached by an Italian Masterchef Dino, who wanted a website for his ever expanding business. Chef Dino serves five-star Italian cuisine in his restaurant in Trysil, but there is a twist to it, it is all gluten-free! Hence the name Glunot.

Dino was in search of a professional looking, but also inviting, website that would reflect his long career as a Chef, while tingling the appetite the same way as when you enter his restaurant. If we’re to be completely honest, the latter part was easy to achieve with highlighting the images of freshly prepared dishes.

Baggy crew gave the website a sharp polished look, not unlike a chefs workplace. We managed to balance the sterility of the clean White with a creamy Beige colour used to give accent and warmth. With the pictures large and vivid, looking at the front page gave a feeling of looking through the large shop window, making the visitor bask in all the glorious products at display.

Chef Dino made something extraordinary possible, he replaced gluten products with natural ingredients from our diverse nature, without compromising the taste. We took part in this quest, by bringing Chef Dino’s dream to life on web, while loving his idea of bringing Italian cuisine wonders to the gluten intolerant people.

There is no excuse not to eat Italian cuisine anymore. Order Chef Dino’s products from his fresh website, or head down to Trysil and try the real deal. Nothing compares to the food made by a real Italian chef.

Buon appetito!


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