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Long-lasting partnership, started with custom code solution.

FrameSolutions is an Independent Software Vendor company, author of the software FrameSolutions, as well as several advanced and award-winning case management applications. Now, they are united with Computas, one of the Norway’s largest software consultancy companies. FrameSolutions software finds its use as an advanced and award-winning case management application.

For FrameSolutions, Baggy did a 360° identity and branding project. FrameSolutions design includes a complete visual identity with all necessary extensions (logo design, stationery, print and website), followed by web development and service. FrameSolutions is also one of Baggy’s first projects that included extensive use of Custom Code. Tailor-made solutions accompanied by minimalistic design builds a long-lasting project, aimed to forecast and meet ongoing changes in the forthcoming years.

We are proud that we spotted a great opportunity for FrameSolutions’ business expansion, so the web strategy we chose was complex and was customized according to the client’s specific needs. At the same time, we created a visually simple and elegant answer to outline the company’s identity. Moreover, we made it easy to adapt and evolve throughout time. The five-year partnership between FrameSolutions and Baggy is the result of these findings and creative decisions. We are especially proud to highlight this business friendship within our growing portfolio.

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