EPS Fuktsikring

Custom code for impressive business growth.

During the 1980s, EPS patented a unique improvement of electro-osmosis process in moisture protection and designed it specifically for Norwegian architecture and climate. After more than 20 years of experience, EPS is a strong and impressive company, offering quality and healthy living on more than 5000 different sites in Norway.

The real challenge was to find a way to join the rich history of EPS, to clearly present niche technology innovations and to unite a useful tool with the growing business. For such a complex task, we generated a custom code CMS platform with special emphasis on secure partners log in, as well as direct contact forms for inquiries and a detailed list of retailers across the country. With the mobile device’s responsiveness in focus, all the web assets we created reflect the dynamic of EPS permanent terrain work and presence. And… We made it! By gathering many years of hard work and expertise and by transforming a retail network and future perspective into the perfect user-friendly custom web platform, we made EPS business flawless and ready for the new generation of customers.

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