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Intimate world for the contemporary woman and man.

Det Lille Under is a unisex lingerie shop with a long and successful history. It was founded in 1989 and very soon became known for its high-level quality underwear and swimwear offer. For Det Lille Under both new and the tradition are equally important, they adore classic but also they don’t hesitate to bend the limits of the modern woman’s and man’s underwear and became playful when you least expected it.

The cooperation between Baggy and Det Lille Under started over a coffee. We wanted to really figure out what this amazing brand is truly about. So, when we found out that shop workers in Det Lille Under had been trained over the years to help customers find their perfect piece of lingerie, we instantly got it! Baggy followed this philosophy and built a custom code minimalistic website with a sensual white and pink color scheme, and subtle redesigned logo. This way, Det Lille Under shoppers can now easily find their desired goodies online, too.

But as we all know, choosing underwear that fits your unique standards is a delicate process. So, we decided that this custom code website should also have integrated Instagram and a blog where customers can get informed about all that’s going on in the company at the moment, read about their history that they are so proud of, or simply get some really useful and cool tips. And for further inquires, Baggy built a platform for interaction where all the buyers can easily contact Det Lille Under and present them with any doubts, praise or questions.


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