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Highly successful digital car trade

In the automobile sales industry, where competitors are numerous and equally strong, web presence and direct communications are crucial factors to a business’ existence and further development.

For Bjornstad Bil, we created a website that directly follows online ads. Connecting with ads significantly improves the instant approach to the user’s need and brings the customer on the right place.

Automobile purchasing and car-related issues, such as insurance and supplies, could be highly stressful as the market is overloaded with products of similar quality and performance. After detailed research on the industry, we came up with a solution that brings customers straight to the point, to the car of their choice. This way Bjørnstad Bil’s website functions as a foolproof service for users, shortening their time spent in the process of selecting a vehicle, while making fast, stress-free and effective purchases.

Also, by providing direct contact with car dealers, we emphasize that there is always a man behind the technology who ensures clients’ loyalty and the success of the company.


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