Baggy's main venture is to remove noise
and add value

We are emerging creative agency consisting only of senior Creative and Art Directors, Project Managers and Lead Developers.

To work in the digital world means to bring fresh, inspiring and authentic user experiences, to create and grow brand philosophy meaningful online and in Real Life.

You can make an online Request, meet us At Work or simply Read More about what makes us different. We can chit-chat on New Business, some Future Collab or a Dream Job.


Thomas Skjærstad

CEO & Creative Director

Thomas grows up discovering internet and technology by configuring web and hosting services far into the frozen mountains of Norwegian countryside. After working more than 15 years in web sales and digital marketing, he’s the one who starts Baggy.

As an Art Director and Project Manager at Baggy, Thomas continues to develop complex cloud services, smartphone apps and content driven websites. Prefers clear logic to decoration.


Nicolai Åsberg

Project Manager

Chances are Nico would be the first face you’ll meet at Baggy. As experienced Project Manager and Art Director with hands-on successful e-commerce and powerful and intuitive content management, he is always out and about.

As Westerdal ACT(Art Direction) and University of Molde (Project management), he worked at McCann, Saatchi & Saatchi and Gyro Marketing. Twice shortlisted on the Best YET Norway (Best Young European Team).
Works hard, never stops playing.


Nina Zivkovic

Art Director

All the way trough MA in Fine Arts and careers in analog/digital photography and handcraft jewelry, Nina specializes in web design and built her strong and unique visual language.

Nina has a rare ability to shape complex ideas and concepts to beautiful and elegant visuals. On a junction of simplicity and excellence, Nina delivers intelligent, sharp and clean design, which perfectly reflects Baggy philosophy.


Miljenko Vujaklija

Head of Development / CTO

Miljenko is the fearless leader or Baggy’s developers team, certified Scrum Master, FOSS enthusiast and a cat lover, but not only that. He has vast experience and skill set when it comes to system application architecture as well as business system analysis. At the moment he is successfully playing the role of a CTO / Project manager.

Miljenko is a big beer fan and in his free time he enjoys the art of beer brewing in his own home-brewery, snowboarding and various Arduino automation projects.


Ivan Buisic

Front-End Developer / Drupal

Ivan is Baggy’s favourite front-ender with his talent for paying attention to every single detail and delivering the pixel perfect code in relation to design. Before becoming the Front end master with skills in CSS, Bootstrap, Bower, Grunt, Gulp, Javascript, Twig and many more he has worked as a designer in prepress and a freelance web developer, which made him aware of the importance of the quality front-end development.

He is a proud pug owner with whom he often watches monster attack movies.


Bojan Zivkov

Back-End Developer / Drupal

Throughout his 10 years long career, Bojan has gained respectable experience in PHP, Drupal, JavaScript and Angular. He is our main back-end guy, master at solving all kinds of problems that turn up, with great attention to every single detail. He worked for great companies including Coca Cola, HP, Renault and many more.

Bojan has a great taste in music, so it’s no wonder that he is also a DJ playing wonderful tunes that all of us gladly listen to while working.


Ana Timilic

Front-End Developer / Drupal

When she is not out in the world travelling, Ana is a hard working front-end developer. She is super skilled in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Photoshop but also if you need a lawyer guidance – she can help since she is on her final year of Law studies.

We’re very proud to have such a ambitious and determined girl in our developers team.


Milos Munic

Front-End Developer / WordPress

After getting an English language degree, Milos decided to follow his interests in computers, and self-educated himself to become a front-end developer. Some of his fields of expertise include HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, WordPress and Photoshop. He widened his work experience by working as sales manager and internet technical support.

In his free time, when he is not in front of a computer, Milos plays video games or enjoys skiing or playing golf.


Milos Martinovic

Back-End Developer / WordPress

Being a back-end developer asks of you to be serious and logical, making the core functionality of different systems. Milos’s broad computer and software education fits perfectly into Baggy’s story. He is doing the foundation work, and we have a complete trust in his back-end development solutions.

On the other hand Milos is a great extrovert that loves snowboarding, playing video games and he lives for a good laugh with his friends.

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